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BMC Hospital offers a unique multi-modality radiology department that offers advanced diagnostic services using cutting-edge imaging center technology. We are proud of our board certified radiologists, skilled technologists, and white glove service.
BMC Hospital aims to provide patients with optimal treatment solutions in a calming, positive environment.

BMC Hospital aims to provide patients with optimal treatment solutions in a calming, positive environment

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This form of imaging uses small doses of radioactive material to help doctors see inside the body in ways other imaging techniques can’t. With the assistance of a small camera and a computer, nuclear medicine helps doctors accurately detect molecular activity, which may help treat diseases at their earliest stages. This service is offered only at the Baytown location.

Utilizing frequencies outside of human hearing, ultrasounds use probes or a transducer to generate sound waves that reveal what’s happening inside the body. Their most common usage is monitoring fetal development during pregnancy, evaluating unexplained pain or swelling, imaging guidance for needle biopsies, or concerns with blood flow.

Also called radiography, X-rays are noninvasive tests that use low levels of ionizing radiation to see the body’s internal structure. Although most known for diagnosing broken or fractured bones, X-rays can also examine lungs for disease, search for foreign objects in soft tissue, or detect bowel obstruction. A barium or iodine solution can be used to increase contrasts on specific areas of the body.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses strong magnetic and radio fields to investigate inside the body with better clarity and less invasiveness than other methods. These images are crucial for finding and diagnosing diseases. MRIs don’t require any ionizing radiation.

Computerized Tomography (CT) uses specialized X-ray equipment that lets doctors see inside the body without incision. CT scans can accurately uncover internal injuries and bleeding, diagnose head trouble, check lung function, and more.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) uses low-level radioactive material called radiotracers to investigate organs and tissue function. PET scans can uncover disease sooner than other testing methods. When combined with Computerized Tomography, these scans provide more precise images and diagnoses. This service is offered only at the Baytown location.

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