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BMC North Hospital

BMC North Hospital has established itself as a valued healthcare partner in the North community, offering a state-of-the-art hospital facility. Our dedicated team of certified physicians and committed personnel embody values of compassion, accountability, and excellence. At BMC North Hospital, our primary objective is to provide personalized and affordable medical care, always prioritizing patient safety and the highest quality of care.

Within our main hospital building, we address a wide range of medical needs, including essential surgeries, treatments, and specialized services delivered by top doctors in the North region. Moreover, our patients benefit from shorter waiting times due to our higher ratio of nurses to patients, ensuring prompt attention and efficient care delivery.

Bariatric Surgery

Promoting long-term health through weight-loss surgeries like gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy ensures sustainable results.


From endoscopies to colorectal surgeries, these procedures aim to maintain optimal gastrointestinal function and promote digestive system health.

General Surgery

Delivering comprehensive surgical care for a range of conditions, from hernias to appendectomies, guarantees optimal health outcomes.

Interventional Pain Management

Utilizing minimally invasive techniques, targeted procedures alleviate chronic pain, significantly enhancing quality of life.

Orthopedic Extremity Surgery

Specialized surgeries targeting musculoskeletal issues in the arms and legs restore function and mobility effectively.


Procedures for foot and ankle conditions such as bunions or fractures improve mobility and overall foot health significantly.

Spine Surgery

Advanced surgical interventions for spinal conditions ensure pain relief and restore functionality to the spine.

Imaging Services

Imaging services use X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans to diagnose and treat medical conditions accurately.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery encompasses a range of procedures aimed at enhancing appearance or reconstructing body features for medical or cosmetic purposes.

Breast Care

Breast care involves the practices, screenings, and medical interventions aimed at maintaining the health of the breasts, including preventive measures like self-examinations.


Cardiac refers to all aspects concerning the heart, including its structure, function, and diseases. This term covers medical care for heart conditions and preventative measures to promote heart health.


Nephrology is the medical specialty dedicated to the study, diagnosis, and treatment of kidney diseases and disorders, covering issues like kidney failure, kidney stones, and hypertension.


BMC North Hospital provides elevated medical care to the Greater North community.


BMC Hospital is partnered with BlueCross BlueShield and affiliated outpatient emergency room facilities that honor all major insurance plans. Additionally, we are honored to be a TRICARE provider.

As part of our comprehensive services, our dedicated Patient Advocate and administrative staff are committed to efficiently managing insurance claims for our patients. We handle all aspects of the insurance claim process, including appeals, ensuring a seamless experience for our patients.


BMC Hospital is a certified Medicare provider. Therefore, all our ER locations,can now accept Medicare patients.

Outpatient Facilities

The new outpatient locations are a Division of BMC Hospital North  and provide services under the branding of Neighbors Emergency Center.

The outpatient centers are conveniently located and allow BMC Hospital North to serve the North area better.

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